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Latest News
>>    12/03/2014       
Xiphos delivers three Q6S processors for life science experiment on ISS
>>    21/11/2013
Successful launch of the Q6S into orbit aboard two microsatellites
>>    15/09/2013
Q6S flies on stratospheric balloon with Canadian Space Agency

Xiphos provides unique computing solutions, built around flight-proven miniature processing products, which:

·         "Hybridize" software and logic implementation of computing-intensive algorithms, such as those needed for complex image or signal processing; and

·         Use industrial-grade components in a fault-tolerant architecture intended for use in harsh environments, such as those susceptible to pressure, vibration, radiation or temperature extremes; and

·         Implement all of the above while minimizing size, mass and energy requirements.

The resulting computing solutions deliver high-end performance at much lower cost than traditional flight processors on-board spacecraft, aircraft and other platforms.

Featured Product
Q6 - no RJ45
The Q6S is  a software and logic upgrade to the Q6 processor which provide additional robustness for space applications.   Over 70 Q6 processors have now been delivered, and the Q6S upgrade has been available since Q2 2013.