High Performance Computing Optimized for Size, Weight and Power
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Xiphos provides unique computing solutions, built around flight-proven miniature processing products, which:

·         "Hybridize" software and logic implementation of computing-intensive algorithms, such as those needed for complex image or signal processing; and

·         Use industrial-grade components in a fault-tolerant architecture intended for use in harsh environments, such as those susceptible to pressure, vibration, radiation or temperature extremes; and

·         Implement all of the above while minimizing size, mass and energy requirements.

The resulting computing solutions deliver high-end performance at much lower cost than traditional flight processors on-board spacecraft, aircraft and other platforms.

Featured Product
Q7 Processor
The Q7 processor combines an ARM dual-core 766 MHz CPU with ample logic capacity, three different types of memory, and flexible interfaces - all in a small, lightweight and low power design typical of Xiphos processors